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Frequently Asked Questions by Japanese: Part 3


Why not any religion, as long as you are firmly connected to its teachings?

Japanese for Missionaries の西本です。

This is Nishimoto from Japanese for Missionaries.


Have you ever had the experience of "Oh, that person's one word saved my life"?


Words have great power, don't they?


An encounter with a word or a teaching can be a great support in our lives.


If you go to a bookstore, you may see a book titled "8 Words That Will Change Your Life.


Or a philosophy book.


We should take the time to think about what life is, what living is, and so on.


You can encounter such teachings or words.


There are many religious books about the teachings of Shinran Shonin, and there are many people who study and meditate on these teachings.


One person asked me this question.


“In Christianity, Christians read the words of the Bible, don't they?”


“But Buddhism has its own teachings, and Shinto has its own wonderful teachings.”


“I read them, meditate on them, and use them to support my life.”

「なにが違うんですか? それぞれの教えにしっかり繋がっていれば、その面ではいっしょじゃないですか?」というご質問です。

“What is the difference? As long as we are connected to each of the teachings, aren't they all the same in that respect? “ This is a question.


I became a Christian over 40 years ago.


Now, the words and teachings of the Bible are indispensable to me.


It is the words of the Bible that sustain me every day.


More than 40 years ago, there was a time when I was having a very difficult time emotionally, and at that time I went to church and heard the words of the Bible.


Through the words of the Bible, I came to know the God who created heaven, earth, and all things.


And for the problems of sin and death that were deep in my heart, Jesus Christ, God's only begotten Son, came to this world and paid for my sins and forgave me.


Not only that, He broke through the gate of death, rose again, and gave me new life.


He gives that same life to us who come to Him.


I have come to know that.


Through the words of the Bible, I have connected with God the Creator and His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ.


The words of the Bible are my support, but I am not connected to the teachings and words of the Bible.


I am connected to God Himself.


I am connected to Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son.


Therefore, I need the words of the Bible every day.


As a person connected to God, I am reading the Bible now.


I understand God's love more deeply and who He is and how much He loves us.


Sometimes He shows me my sins, and when I am so disappointed that I have truly lost all hope of living, He fills me once again with His new life.


Being connected to the words and the teachings has a huge impact in our lives.


But more than that, if we can connect with God Himself, if we can connect with Jesus Christ Himself through the words of the Bible, then in a real sense we are able to understand the words of the Bible.


Of course, as with Buddhists, when they accept and study the teachings of a great teacher who preached the teachings, they may connect with that teacher or some transcendent being.


However, what the Bible is saying is not that there is a teaching and then a connection to God.


Originally, we were connected to God.


We are connected to God through the words of the Bible in the sense that we return to our original relationship with God.


We are going back to the original relationship.


We cannot do that, so by Jesus, the only begotten Son, who paid for our sins, we can once again call God our Father in heaven "Father," or in a word, we have become "children of God.”


I invite those of you who are listening to this to seek to be united with the One with whom you are supposed to be united through the words and teachings of the Bible.


I hope you will come into the presence of God and make the decision to accept Jesus Christ hanging on the cross as your own Savior,


“I thank You, Jesus, that You were crucified for all my sins and that You paid for all my sins."


“I accept You as my Savior. Please give me eternal life, the life of God."


“Please help me to be united with God. Please give me a direct connection to heaven."

Why don't you pray?

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