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What Does Faith Mean to Japanese People


Today, I would like to speak a little from the Bible passage at Ephesians 2: 8.


The Bible says, "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith"


The Bible says "by (because of) grace.” And the Japanese word "by (because of) " means "It is this grace that has saved us."


The Bible says "through faith.” And the Japanese word "through" means "through an instrument."


So this salvation of grace comes inside us "through like a pipeline of faith."


This verse is very important for Japanese people. Of course, it's important for everyone.


The Japanese, who are often said to be religious, have a strong belief that zealous devotion leads to salvation.

日本人は、とにかく熱心です。信心するんですね。信仰もTo do なんです。ですから、信仰も一つの行ないのような形で日本人は捉えています。

As for Japanese people, faith means to do something religious. Therefore, the Japanese perceive faith as an act.



The Bible says that because of God's zeal, God pursued us to save us.

He abandoned the throne of heaven and He pursued us to this earth.


And Jesus came down to this earth to bear our sins in His body on the cross.


This zeal of God can save us. We accept this divine zeal obediently, which is faith.


This is what Ephesians 2: 8 says.


This is a powerful scripture that can completely switch the Japanese thought, such as "Our enthusiasm of faith can approach God and participate in God's salvation."

今日、一番お伝えしたいことは、「日本人の熱心に信心するという行為が、神に近づくものではなく、また、救いに至るものでもなく、ただ神の側の熱心さ、すなわち、形として現れた、歴史上に現れた神の熱心さ、愛、… それを素直に感謝して受け入れること、それが本当の信仰であるというメッセージです。

Today, I would like to tell you the most, "Faith as an act in the Japanese zeal, neither approaches God nor leads to salvation.

Salvation is based on the zeal and love on the part of God that has appeared in history ... and true faith is to accept it with an obedient heart and with gratitude.


I think this is the most crucial message for Japanese people.


That's all for today.

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