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Who am I?

Japanese for Missionaries の西本です。今回も、よろしくお願いいたします。

This is Nishimoto from Japanese for

Thank you for watching again.


Today, let's look at the question, "Who am I?


In November of 2021, I held a Thanksgiving Day and a Children's Blessing Ceremony at my home.


I have two granddaughters, one was three years old and the other was just two months old.


Recently, 3D and 4D echoes have been used to see the condition of babies in the womb.


It is truly amazing that we can tell from the time the baby is still in the mother's womb, "This nose looks like my father's," or "It's a girl."


Doctors can tell you a lot about your baby's condition by looking at the ultrasound, but no matter how advanced medical science becomes, they cannot create life itself.


Medicine and science have made remarkable progress, but the reality is that we still cannot produce even a single seed.

日本ではいまだに、いのちは いろんな偶然が重なって誕生したと信じる人たちが多いんです。

In Japan, there are still many people who believe that life came into being by a combination of various coincidences.


But this can not be true.


Look at the baby that was born. There is no way that such a cute baby was born by chance.


「あなたこそ 私の内臓を造り 母の胎の内で私を組み立てられた方です。」

The Bible says in Psalm 139:13,

"For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.”


We can see that God has been making each of us since we were in our mother's womb.



And in Genesis 1:27, we read

"So God created mankind in his own image,”


God is a spiritual being, but He also created us as spiritual beings in His image.


There is a God who created us.


Life was created by God!

わたしは、24歳の時に 天地を造られた真の神様との出会いを体験しました。

When I was 24 years old, I had an encounter with the true God who created the heavens and the earth.


When I realized that I was created by God, I was really happy.

唯一 絶対なる 創造主がおられ、わたしはその神様の被造物である。

There is only one absolute Creator, and I am His creature.


When my eyes were opened to this fact and truth, I clearly understood where I came from, where I am going, what I was born for, and who I am.


No matter how much I dig inside myself, I can't figure out who I am!


In Japan, many people try to figure out who they are by looking inside themselves.


My parents believed in Buddhism.


After I became a Christian, I told them about God as written in the Bible.


It took them many years, but they met the Creator God described in the Bible.


And for the first time, they understood who they were.


No matter how much we dig up inside ourselves, no matter how hard we try to get enlightened, we can't see our true identity.


Salvation is not inside of us!


The reality is that it is very difficult for many Japanese people, not only those who believe in Buddhism, but also those who believe in the eight million gods, to accept the truth that there is only one absolute God.


However, people who have hit a major problem in their lives try to listen to the truth that there is only one absolute God.


When there is no problem, any God will do. It's easy for Japanese people to accept a relative way of thinking.


Your God is good. But my God is also good.


However, when we are confronted with a problem that we cannot control, we try to look for something absolute.


We want something that will not be shaken even if the time changes.


If there is a real God, he must be the Absolute, and if he is the Absolute, he must be the only one.

なぜなら いろんな神様が何人もいるなら、それらの複数の神々が絶対者であるわけがない。

Because if there are many different gods, there is no way those multiple gods can be absolute.


In other words, there are always people who are willing to open their hearts to this simple fact that there is only one God and therefore He is absolute, and who are willing to listen to the gospel of the Bible.


All of us, not just the Japanese, are descendants of Adam, so we are born with a dead spirit.


Therefore, we don't know about God.


In Japan, there are people who are seriously studying about God.


But no matter how much they study, they cannot understand the real God when their own spirit is dead.


That is why God spoke to human beings from His side. That is the Bible.


And God the Holy Spirit is now at work to open our eyes to the words of God in the Bible.


There is only one absolute God, the Creator, and we are His creatures.


Our life comes from God, and I would like to pray with all of you that the people around us will open our eyes to this fact!

今日はここまで。 Japanese for Missionaries の西本でした。

That's all for today, this is Nishimoto from Japanese for

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